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Chinook :  America Indian word. Hot and dry wind which goes down from the Rocky Mountains.
This room includes a double bed, a sink bed and a private shower. From this room, we have a splendid view on the St-Laurent river and the kitchen garden.

Éole : Son of Poséidon, Master of the winds. He gives to Ulysse a leather-bottle which contains all the winds except the one that push his boat to Ithaque. But Ulysse friends', during his sleep, open it and all the winds escape.
This room is very appreciated because it includes two simple bed, a private shower and a view on the pool.

Neptune : Romain God identified to Greek Posédion. God of the seas and the liquid element, he is one of the 3 Masters of the universe with his brothers Jupiter and Pluton.
Neptune is a very large room which includes a double and a queen bed and a complete private shower room. It gives also access to a private balcony with a view on the St-Laurent river.

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